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Steel Fabrication
& Steel Stockholders in Glasgow

Gilchrist Steels Ltd, based in Glasgow, brings you scalable, adaptable, and cost-effective steel fabrication and manufacturing solutions. By meeting our clients’ needs through world-class sourcing, engineering skills, and adherence to internationally acclaimed production standards, we positively influence them.

Established in 1976

About Gilchrist

Gilchrist Steels, based in Glasgow, has been providing exceptional steel fabrication services throughout the UK for around 45 years. We work with businesses in various industries on a regular basis, providing unique steel fabrication solutions for each project.

While Gilchrist Steels is headquartered in Glasgow, we have facilities and vendors all across the country. We can meet your needs effectively and efficiently thanks to our long-term partnerships with suppliers and distributors.

Industries We've Worked With

Glasgow Gilchrist Steels is a steel fabrication company specialising in various steel fabrication services. We have worked on parts for a variety of industries, including:


We've manufactured essential equipment for the marine industry.


We've created bespoke steel structures and parts working alongside architects.

Domestic Property

We provide services directly to the trade and the public.


We've worked with public agencies to improve the countries logistics.


We've created key components to the energy infrastructure.

TV & Film

We've created custom TV sets for films, game shows and much more...

Gilchrist Steels - Steel Foundation Preparation
Need a steel product building?

We'll create it...

Contact Gilchrist Steels if you need dependable steel parts. To meet your requirements, we use stamping, welding, folding, bending, and finishing procedures.

We have a near-infinite capability to deliver exact parts and components thanks to our cutting-edge manufacturing and facilities. We also guarantee on-time delivery to avoid production delays or development hiccups.

Steel Fabrication Experts in Glasgow

Don’t have your design ready? Speak to one of our in-house engineers… We’ll turn your idea into a finished product ready for use!

Our Steel Services

Steel Fabrication

If you need an item creating from steel, we can help you. From the initial design concept to the final manufactured product.

Steel Stockholders

We stock and distribute vast amounts of steel throughout the UK. If you need steel, we can help you.

Structural Steel

We can assist with the structural steelwork for large commercial and domestic projects. Check with an engineer exactly how.

What is Steel Fabrication?

Steel fabrication refers to the process of transforming steel into structures or parts utilising various fabrication techniques. To create items according to your specifications, we use several techniques. These are some of the methods: Punching, Drilling, Machine Stamping, Welding, Cutting. 

From major structural steel components to minor fabricated items, our Glasgow steel fabrication plant can handle them all. Custom stainless-steel fabrication is commonly used for the following applications:

  • Steel framework for structural purposes
  • Parts made of embedded steel
  • Bolts with a high strength
  • Diverse steel products
  • Fabrication of bespoke specialty items

Why us?

– Steel fabrication, delivery, and erection services are all available.
– Steel fabricators with years of experience
– Fabricators and welders who have followed our certified welding technique.
– We strictly follow all health and safety regulations.
– We have a wide range of ordinary steel stocks and buy reusable steel.
– Sales team with a lot of experience
– EN1090-1:2009 + A1:2011 EXCE2 ISO 9001 CE MARKED

Our capabilities

– Projects with a short lead time or a large volume
– Custom manufacturing with a quick turnaround
– Complete all secondary tasks e.g design & delivery
– Processes for quality assurance that are dependable
– The initial submission of a sample

We provide quality fabrication services for projects of any scale, unlike most traditional local metal businesses.