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Aluminium Fabrication

Are you looking to upgrade the strength, durability and quality of your projects with aluminium fabrication? Look no further than Gilchrist Steels

We understand how vital it is for businesses and individuals alike to have reliable structural components tailor-made for their construction needs. 

With our expertise in aluminium fabrication and welding, we can guarantee high-quality results that meet safety standards without sacrificing aesthetics or meeting tight deadlines.

Aluminium Fabrication Services

Gilchrist Steels have over 45 years of experience in providing high-quality aluminium fabrication services. Our reputation as an industry leader is built on the attention to detail and dedication our craftsmen put into every project they undertake. 

We understand that customers are looking for expertise, reliability and quality – and we strive to provide all three in abundance. 

We have built a solid reputation among clients throughout the entire country by delivering projects which meet their exact specifications, on time and within budget. 

Our experienced staff can help create complex designs tailored to your individual needs, utilising the latest technology available in engineering software along with modern equipment.

At Gilchrist Steels, customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Aluminium Fabrication

What Is Aluminium fabrication?

Aluminium fabrication is the process of creating custom structures and components from aluminium alloy. It involves cutting, bending, assembling and welding the material to create a structure that meets specific requirements. The process is similar to steel fabrication but has unique characteristics due to its specific properties.

The use of aluminium in fabrication offers many advantages over other materials. It is lightweight yet strong, corrosion-resistant and can be easily welded or bent into various shapes without losing its strength or integrity. 

Aluminium also provides excellent protection against external elements like weathering and fire damage when compared to other materials. Furthermore, it is relatively inexpensive compared to other metals which makes it a cost-effective choice.

Aluminium Fabrication For Residential And Commercial Clients

Aluminium fabrication is a process used to create custom aluminium products for residential and commercial clients. It involves cutting and forming aluminium using various tools, then welding the pieces together to form the desired shape. 

The end product can be anything from doors, windows, balconies or railings in residential settings. Or structural components for commercial applications like business signs or large-scale industrial projects.

The advantages of aluminium fabrication over other materials are clear. It’s lightweight – yet incredibly strong. It doesn’t need expensive treatment processes. Aluminium has corrosion resistance and can easily be manipulated into custom shapes. 

Aluminium also offers good thermal properties which makes it suitable for insulation in some applications.

Specialists in Aluminium Fabrication

At Gilchrist Steels, we are passionate about providing top-quality aluminium fabrication that brings our customers’ visions to life. We’re proud to provide a personalised experience and strive to make every customer feel like they’re part of our family. 

We understand how important it is for clients to have their orders fulfilled with the utmost attention to detail, so we take great care in ensuring each piece meets or exceeds all expectations.

Is Aluminium Eco-friendly?

Aluminium is an extremely eco-friendly metal. It is not only sustainable but also 100% recyclable and can be reused time after time with no loss of quality or performance. 

Aluminium fabrication involves the process of cutting and shaping aluminium into various shapes and products, such as cooking utensils, frames and furniture to name a few. 

The material used in this fabrication process requires minimal energy input while providing maximum product output, making it an even more sustainable option. 

In addition, aluminium will not deteriorate over time like other materials meaning that products made with this metal can remain in use for extremely long periods; reducing the number of items that need to be replaced due to wear and tear.

Aluminium Fabrication

Why Choose Us?

Our Vision

At Gilchrist Steels, our vision is to be the best aluminium fabrication company in the industry. We strive to set the standard for quality, attention to detail and customer service in everything we do.

Our Mission

Our mission at Gilchrist Steels is to provide our customers with the highest quality aluminium products and services possible. We are committed to creating innovative solutions that exceed expectations.

Reducing Costs with Aluminium Fabrication

Aluminium fabrication is a popular and cost-effective solution for many businesses, big and small alike. 

It has been used to produce products such as car parts, industrial tanks, construction components, packaging materials and home furnishings. 

Not only is aluminium an affordable choice due to its low cost compared to other metals, but it also has unique strength which allows it to be moulded into any shape or design required. 

Additionally, the light weight of aluminium makes it much easier and cheaper to transport than many other metals.

Another benefit of using aluminium fabrication is that the material can be recycled again and again without losing its properties. 

This means that businesses can reduce their costs further by reusing scrap pieces from previous projects instead of purchasing new materials every time. The recycling process also helps keep production costs down because the scraps don’t require additional energy or resources to be reused.