Steel Fabricators
in the UK

At Gilchrist Steels Ltd we are a team of reliable structural steel fabricators with over 45 years of experience working with customers across the UK. We offer world-class services for businesses in various industries, providing tailored solutions for all projects we take on.

What we do

With facilities and vendors located nationwide and large amounts of material always in stock, we offer all clients an efficient and cost-effective service. Whether you need a small item creating or a larger structure, our team are happy to help. Metalworkers create parts or structures for a range of clients, such as domestic homeowners, the marine industry, public agencies and more. Our team use various techniques to create all types of items, depending on the client’s specifications, including:

  • Punching
  • Drilling
  • Machine Stamping
  • Welding
  • Cutting

We make a diverse range of products for customers across the UK, from large structural components to smaller pieces. So whether you need support structures, balconies, staircases or more, our team can assist you.  Call our steel fabricators on 0141 644 3664 today for more information about our services throughout the UK.

Dependable UK Structural Steel Fabricators

Depending on your project, you will require specific metal fabrications to create reliable structures. These can include:

Parallel Flange Channels – Universal Beams and Columns – Hollow and Circular Sections – Rectangular and Square Sections – Tapered Flange Beams

All our fabrications are done to C E Mark BS EN 1090 Ex Class2 specification. Consult our specialist structural steel fabricators today if you want to know more about what is required to meet your specification.

Bespoke Designs, High-Quality Finish

Our team offer bespoke services for projects of any scale. We work closely with all clients from initial design and fabrication to delivery of the finished product. The services we offer include:

Initial Design – Custom Metal Fabrication – Steel Erection – Reliable Stockholders

We have an expert team who closely follow our certified welding technique and health and safety regulations. So whether you require our services for new builds, extensions and renovations or even need metal for use in marine conditions, we are happy to help.

Why Work With Us?

Glasgow Gilchrist Steels is a metal fabrication company specialising in various metal fabrication services, including steel fabrication. We have worked on parts for a variety of industries, including:

Innovative Processing Facilities

State of the art systems ensure your order is managed as efficiently as possible.

Large Steel Stock Levels

Quick turnaround as we actively stock a wide range of steel.

Dedicated, Passionate, and Expert Staff

Our staff are incredibly skilled with a passion for what they do.

Competitive Rates

We order vast amounts of steel, so our rates are unbeatable.

Premium Quality Material

We stock the a range of steel, including the highest quality the market can offer.

Highly Reliable

With 45+ years experience, we're as efficient as they come.

Steel Stockholder In The UK

Gilchrist Steels actively stocks large amounts of steel so waiting times are significantly reduced when compared with competitors.

Our Services

As a proud UK construction project management organisation, efficiency is a priority for us. So you can expect a specialised project management service from our team of fully trained professionals.

We understand the importance of safe and efficient project management to ensure the protection of our workers and quick installation of both major and minor pieces. Because of this, health and safety documentation is required for the work we do.

All our fabrications are structurally sound and made to last. The finished products are made to precise measurements to ensure the highest standard of work for all clients. To ensure the quality of our work, we provide a high-quality service guarantee for your peace of mind.

Steel use in the UK

Structural steel fabricators have been an essential element of business and infrastructure in the UK for many years. These services are used in the shipping, transport and construction industries across the country.

Many vehicles require fabricated parts such as internal components and external protective sheets in their construction. Likewise, buildings need metal beams, channels and sections to ensure they remain safe for a long time. As the metal is sturdy, durable and cost-effective, it is the perfect material for a wide range of projects.

For more information about our services across the UK, contact our team at Gilchrist Steels Ltd today. Call us on 0141 644 3664 for a free, no-obligation quote. Alternatively, send us a message via the contact form for a prompt response.

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